Ohiolina is a celebration of the music and culture rooted in the I-77 corridor from Ohio to North Carolina. Exhibiting a deep love of Ohio and North Carolina and all ground in between, Ohiolina aims to celebrate the unique traditions of the region: folk, bluegrass and the local culinary movements.

The musical influence of the region-- a portion of Appalachia dotted with mining towns and anchored by two states with robust creative economies—brings us the banjo, fiddle, and the guitar, all traditional Appalachian instruments. The culinary influence of the region brings us local farming—a trend for some, but a long-established way of life for those in the agriculturally-rich regions of North Carolina and Ohio. 

Two states with similar histories and each with unique contributions to music and culture, North Carolina and Ohio are brought together at Ohiolina, an intentional, creative, and educational celebration of our region’s most beloved traditions.